Global Warming for Gamers: BP and EA Team Up to Bring Climate Education to SimCity

global warming simcity

Hoping to reach that ever growing gamer segment of the population, Electronic Arts and BP Alternative Energy have combined forces to inject environmental issues - most notably global warming - into the next iteration of the video game company's popular SimCity franchise, SimCity Societies. Yes, the game - which will hit North American and European store shelves in mid-November - will "highlight the impact of electricity generation on carbon dioxide emissions and climate change by providing low-carbon electricity options and carbon emissions monitoring" within the interface.

Opting to adopt a more eco-friendly approach towards managing your cities will be up to you, however. The game's creators didn't want to shove sustainability or a "green" ethos down the players' throats; instead, they hope that allowing them to see the positives and negatives of their decisions for themselves will help shape their management style.You'll be able to pick from various BP Alternative Energy options like wind and hydrogen to power your cities and will receive a steady stream of (ugh) "environmental pop-ups" during gameplay to provide helpful information on global climate issues. As long as it's fun...

Via ::Kotaku: EA & BP Add Global Warming Threat To SimCity (blog), ::Gamasutra: EA, BP Partner For Climate Education In SimCity Societies (blog)

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