Giant Whale Made of Felt Beached at Museum


Image via MAKE

Mocha Dick, a giant whale made of felt, is the creation of artists Tristin Lowe. The piece is housed at the Fabric Workshop and Museum in Philadelphia. The purpose? In part, to send home an environmental message. The piece is a recreation of the albino sperm whale that inspired Herman Melville's novel Moby Dick, and it is life-sized. It is made of 9,000 square feet of white, 1/4-inch thick, 100% wool, industrial felt and 267 hand-sewn barnacles. One of its roles is to spark thoughts about the whaling industry and the shrinking size of whales among those who visit the giant out of water.

From The Art Blog:

Mocha Dick’s scale–based on the real-life scale of today’s sperm whale population (a 52-foot monster, considerably smaller than some of the 85-foot whale skeletons that we have from the past, according to Lowe, who is up on his whale facts as well as his Melville), turns us humans filling the gallery into an army Lilliputians. And like all armies, we have wreaked destruction with our dominance.

While it might not be as impactful as seeing a sperm whale in the real, standing next to the life-sized reproduction is bound to inspire a touch of awe and hopefully a better understanding of the sheer mass of life that we take from the seas. Even if you can't visit this particular whale, you can check out what a blue whale looks like in life size on your computer.

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