Getting Butts Off Beaches Makes Everyone Happier

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As you hopefully know by now, August is a special month round these parts. That's because it's Blue August - a month of not only a focus on all things marine here on TreeHugger, but also a month of awesome TV programming and online content on everything related to water over at sister site Planet Green. To get started on an eco-active foot, there's a challenge being issued to you - Clear Out the Beaches!Planet Green today launched Ban the Bags, Butts and Bottles Challenge!, inviting people to become part of the solution to a growing problem of litter. The goal is to clear the beaches of cigarette butts, plastic bags and bottles, and anything else other than sand and sea life. Oh, but not you - you get to stay.

Everyone Makes A Difference, Even Those Not on Coasts
The Challenge encourages people to stop litter before it pollutes beaches and waterfronts and harms a wide array of wildlife we know and love. Even if you live in the middle of the US, far from a coastal waterfront, your litter habits make a big difference. So, Planet Green is joining forces with the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), Oceana, Ocean Conservancy and the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) for the Ban the Bags, Butts and Bottles Challenge!

How You're Involved in the Ban the Bags, Butts and Bottles Challenge
Capture litter offenders in action and send in your photos. Download information about keeping litter off beaches at Blue August. And send in images of "My Blue August" moments capturing favorite beach or waterfront places and experiences.

Need a little inspirtation? Check out this slideshow of the effects of marine litter.

You can also enter for the chance to win a solar back pack and have your entry profiled in a special Pick of the Week. Keep an eye on Blue August, and keep butts (and bags and bottles) off the beaches.

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