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Web 2.0 is barely in the vocabulary of the general public and here we are blasting into Web 3.0. But, that's the tech world for you.

Web 3.0 is called the semantic web — a smart browsing system in which a search engine learns the meaning of a word in order to improve searches. Considering how much the web has expanded, it's not surprising that we would need an advanced way to search.

Right now, a green search engine called Truevert has the jump on the semantic web.Green-centered search engines are nothing new. They've been helping us out for some time now. But Truevert has a totally next-gen take on green searches.

Truevert is a truly semantic search engine ruevert provides a scalable, accurate, and powerful search technology that learns the meaning of language the same way people do - by it's context. If you search for the word "carbon" for example, it knows that you want information about carbon's impact on climate change, not its physical chemistry. What's most surprising, is that the Truevert search engine learned all this in less than one hour on a single server with no ontology, taxonomy, or thesaurus.

Truevert is "focused on green, environmental awareness. All searches are done from the point of view of environmental and social concern." So if you're trying to track down green issues, the search just got a whole lot easier.

Searching for green information and getting the results you want without having to try a hundred different keyword combinations saves time and — let's stretch this as far as it can go — energy thanks to less time on the computer. Told you it was a stretch, but still kind of true.

It is awesome that the green movement is leading the way for the next gen of web search. It's an important thing, too, because the new web 3.0 features are likely to greatly impact online commerce and advertising, as shown by this chart:

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