Get Around Town Faster Without Leaving the Tredmill Thanks to Rollator (Video)

rollator tredmill image

Image via Ooms

In a stranger but more interactive version of the Segway, the Rollator helps you walk farther faster on a tredmill-like machine. It actually looks kinda fun in the video. Can you picture yourself striding briskly down the street on one of these? Gizmag points out that the Rollator has a three-gear drive system that helps speed up your pace. So, it's sort of like a personal moving walkway, only you're the one providing the power.

Designed by Ooms, the Rollator isn't on the market quite yet...but could be. The company writes, "With this nifty vehicle you can move fast forward when walking slow. Looking like a treadmill on wheels, the Rollator uses a special gear drive system to multiply your walking efforts and increase your pace. While you won't look quite as cool as those hipsters tooling around on their Segways, you might end up getting there just as quickly."

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