GE's New LED Overhead Light Design Makes Fluorescents Simply Outdated

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The dreary and dreadfully ugly fluorescent tubes that line hallways and light offices could be on their way out the door with GE's more energy efficient and (equally important) prettier LED lighting. The company is showing off their new ideas for overhead lighting that may soon take over for fluorescent bulbs.

GE LED lighting image

CNET's Martin LaMonica writes that GE will announce the new line of LED edge lighting fixtures that can either be mounted flush with ceiling tiles, or hang from ceilings in more attractive fixtures. The ceiling tile LED fixtures will be available as soon as the end of this year with designs like "Blade" (top) arriving by mid next year.

"The four fixtures are built around coin-size LED light sources and a textured optical screen made by PC memory company Rambus to disperse light. The effect is to spread light across the full surface of a flat screen. Light can also be focused on specific areas, according to GE."

The company states that these LED fixtures are more attractive than fluorescent bulb fixtures, and with that we can't argue. LEDs are also longer lasting than fluorescent bulbs, lasting as much as 35,000 hours, or 15,000 hours longer than a fluorescent bulb.

GE LED lighting image

The challenge for customers, however, may be the cost. The LED bulbs may have a longer lifespan and consume less energy, but the upfront cost of LEDs is more than that of fluorescent lighting. GE does not mention cost yet, but anyone looking at LED prices can see that it is more expensive, and such sleek designs as those offered by GE may be a pretty penny in the short term.

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