Gearing Up for Consumer Electronics Show 2010 - Green Products We Can't Wait to See

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The Consumer Electronics Show 2010 is in just a few weeks. It's the biggest tradeshow for consumer electronics, and it's dedicating more space this year for green innovation. Considering even the US Patent Office is working to speed up green tech in the marketplace, it's only logical. But that also means more awesome green gadgets for us to gape at. Check out 5 products we're already excited to check out in person. Highlighted in the 30 Days of Innovation feature at CNet, here are 5 gadgets (among the hundreds) that we can't wait to test out in person:

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Image via CNet
PICOwatt - Control appliances and devices with your computer to save energy
The PICOwatt aims to be a Kill A Watt but with the ability for the user to control the device via smart phone or computer. You can plug in the PICOwatt, plug your device or appliance into that, and get all the information you need about energy consumption while being able to turn the device on or off, or set timers. It'll be out on Earth Day 2010, but we'll get to show it to you months ahead of time.

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Image via CNet
mPower Flashlight - Holds a charge for 20 years
Emergency flashlights are great to have around for blackouts and other unexpected emergencies, but not if the batteries can't hold a charge reliably. the mPower Emergency Illuminator uses highly innovative battery technology - one tube stores two CR123 batteries, while the second tube stores a reserve battery with a minimum 20-year shelf life. This product is only about 50% green, though. On the one hand, it rarely needs to have a battery replacement, and the CR123 batteries are available as a rechargeable battery. But on the other hand, the back-up battery isn't rechargeable. Users have to replace it for about $25 - if it ever needs replacing.

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Image via Easy Energy
YoGen Kinetic Energy Charger - Charging up batteries gets (slightly) more fun
This charger is one we covered a few weeks back, and we're jazzed to get to try it out in person soon. We'll let you know how easy it is - or isn't - to charge up gadgets by pulling strings or pumping pedals. Kinetic energy chargers aren't usually the first choice among consumers compared to solar or wind, but sometimes they're a very practical offgrid solution. We'll see how Yo-Gen ranks.

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Image via NovoThink
NovoThink Solar iPhone Charger - A solar phone charger that people really want
When we talked about NovoThink's solar powered iPhone skins back in September, readers were both excited and skeptical. Considering what all is on the market right now for solar chargers this small, it's tough to find something powerful enough to do more than provide a little extra bump to the battery. But when it's rolled into a package that can store more than a full battery charge in a form factor that people want, solar power is likely to reach more consumers who wouldn't otherwise be interested, even if it takes awhile to charge. We're looking forward to seeing this product in person and report how it ranks.

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Electronic Housekeeper - A home energy monitor for all utilities
Image via Energy Housekeeper
Energy Dashboards are a big focus right now, and Denmark-based Electronic Housekeeper has created a wall-mountable console that will interact wirelessly with a home, from appliances and devices, to heating and air, to water and electricity meters. What sets it apart from so many other dashboards hitting the market is that it is one of the first to give consumers monitoring of all utilities as typically water is not monitored.

CES 2010 has a dedicated green tech space called Sustainable Planet which will host many of these innovations, but we'll be souring the entire show to find out what all the companies - large household brands and tiny start-ups - are doing to green their tech. Even if you can't attend, you'll hear the latest on everything from alternative energy to green building, from smart grid to sustainable packaging, from solar products to business solutions.

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