GE Tricks Out Santa's Sleigh With Green Tech

santa sleigh from GE image

Image via GE

If Santa were to have the most forward-thinking, sustainable sleigh ever, what might it look like? General Electric thinks it knows. It has put 10 of it's green tech concepts in one place, devising a sleigh that will make all the elves argue over who gets to co-pilot with Santa on Christmas Eve. From OLED lighting to energy harvesting, this thing is tricked out.GE's new sleigh for Santa includes nano-coatings to prevent ice build-up and improve fuel efficiency (nano materials, however, are not necessarily green or healthy), self-powered OLED lighting (props on using OLED versus about looking towards the future), sodium batteries for storing energy harvested from the reindeer working hard to pull the sleigh, and a wearable RFID sensor that can detect airborne chemical agents in the be used to detect if the milk he drinks hasn't yet spoiled. Clever.

GE went all out in putting their futuristic tech in one place, helping to highlight the practicality of many of their innovations. Earthtechling quotes, "Over the past year, GE has advanced key technologies to promote cleaner energy, improve access to high quality health care, help day-to-day commerce run more efficiently and promote a safer world," said Mark Little, Senior Vice President and Director of GE Global Research, in a cheery holiday statement. "In the spirit of the holiday season, we thought it would be fun to imagine what our scientists and engineers could do if we put our technology achievements together to design and build a concept 'Sleigh of the Future' for Santa Claus."

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