GE Sets Up World's First OLED Christmas Tree


GE OLED team members under the glow of the first-ever OLED Christmas tree. (Photo: Business Wire)

So, is it more efficient than an evergreen with LED string lights laced through it?

GE has set up the world's first OLED Christmas tree. It's almost like they were bored after hours at the old Global Research Center. I guess they really wanted to show off their roll-to-roll manufacturing of the latest in lighting technology

It reminds me of people who set up massive scale Dominos runs. But it does look pretty neat...just like the end result of Dominos runs.

Read on for more info and to watch a video of the tree being lit. According to GE:

"Customers will recognize that while this demonstration was more for holiday spirit and team camaraderie, it does reinforce how far OLED technology has come and how it is poised to revolutionize lighting and interior design," says John Strainic, global product general manager with GE Consumer & Industrial, which will commercialize OLEDs for businesses and consumers in the coming years.

I'm not sure everyone will see how this glowing tree is set to revolutionize lighting and interior design, but I do think it'll make them stare long enough to know that OLEDs are pretty cool and they'll be around sometime in the near future. But we've been hearing that for awhile, so when?

[Anil Duggal, who leads GE's OLED program] said, "We're making great progress toward hitting the metrics needed to successfully introduce OLED lighting to market. We continue to make steady advances in efficiency, lifetime, and lighting-quality using device structures that can be made with roll-to-roll manufacturing, so that we'll be able to introduce OLED lighting at an affordable price."

Um...I guess that means just simply "soon." Affordable OLED lighting - now THAT would have been a cool holiday gift.

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