GE Demonstrated Smart Appliances (Video)

ge smart grid appliance demo photo

Image via GE; Pilot participants Mark and Dana Brian

General Electric has been trialling their smart grid enabled appliances in Louisville, Kentucky, and is six months in to the project. The results have shown exactly what anyone would have suspected - users are choosing to go for the options and habits that save money. Kinda a no-brainer. So we're skipping to the more interesting part, which is what the appliances are like. Check out a video of their gear after the jump.
Thank you to Earth2Tech for putting the PR video on YouTube

Appliances are getting more grid savvy. Along with GE's efforts, Whirlpool announced last week that every one of their products will be smart grid enabled by 2015. And the changes help:

Dana and Mark Brian have chosen to make lifestyle adjustments. "We try to fix dinner before 6:00 p.m. and we do laundry mainly on weekends," notes Dana. "It's helped me get more organized. I now unload the dishwasher first thing in the morning and then fill it throughout the day. After dinner, I set it to run and the smart programming delays it until after 10 p.m."

Mark reports a 20% reduction of total electrical consumption in the months he has participated in the program. "As part of the LG&E; pilot, I have an in-home energy monitor. We have it on the kitchen counter and watch it every day. It lets me know the rate I am paying and the instantaneous electrical consumption. Watching that meter has driven behavior changes in my house that have resulted in reduced energy consumption. That explains a portion of the 20% reduction. In addition, I switched several of my light bulbs to CFLs."

Now, we just need the smart grid...

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