"Galloping" Snail Robot Can Move in Any Direction

snail robot image

Image via youtube screengrab

When it comes to robots, biomimicry seems to be one of the best strategies for top-notch designs. And while hummingbirds, roaches and fish tend to take the lead, even the humble snail plays a role. Such is the case with this robot that can move in any direction and even change shape. Reported in Spectrum ieee, the researchers from Biomechatronics Lab at Chuo University in Japan used the snail as inspiration for an omnidirectional robot because of their strategies for using undulation and "galloping" to move around. The galloping is referring to the movement of stretching the front of the body forward, and pulling the back of the body up to meet it.

"The advantage of this robot with its sexy wave action is stable omnidirectionality: no matter what direction it's moving in (and even if it's not moving and/or completely powered off), the robot boasts a large and grippy area that's always in contact with the ground," states Spectrum ieee. Thanks to the constant contact with the ground, the snail-like robot can get through obstacles like an accidental shove. Plus, it looks pretty amazing in action:

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