Gadget Repair Business Doubles for The iPod Doc and Others

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NPR has an excellent report this morning on Morning Edition about the gadget repair business. According to the news report, business has doubled since the downturn in the economy. Could this mean the start of a culture shift towards heirloom gadgets?The iPod Doc is one of the many repair business that are getting quite the boost during the recession. The owner, Demetrios Leontaris, says, "People like having their stuff fixed, they don't like to waste things." We certainly hope that's becoming the norm.

As we mentioned last year, the iPod Doc is a mobile repair service, and will meet up with you just about anywhere to repair your broken gadgets, from replacing iPod batteries - which requires special soldering, thanks to Apple's rather crummy anti-fix-it-quick design - to replacing screens on your Blackberry. This is a major plus for slowing the stream of e-waste that has become quite the flood in the gadget sector, where American households are spending an average of $1,200 a year on new electronics. If it's the case that people are increasingly wanting to repair their devices instead of ditching them, then we just might be heading back towards a culture of appreciating and maintaining the things we have.

Repairing gadgets yourself is often quite straightforward and cheap, but for those of us who prefer to have a professional take a look at those devices no longer under warranty (or we just want it fixed faster than a warranty service can provide), then repair services like these that are popping up more frequently are a great option.

The recession has been a boon for several types of businesses that put us closer to green living. We heard about how well bicycle businesses have been doing, and now gadget repair businesses. We hope that we'll keep seeing a resurgence of these service oriented businesses, from tailors to cobblers, come back in fashion as we relearn how to repair rather than replace.

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