Futuristic Manhole Cover Harvests Rainwater Power and Tells You Where to Catch a Bus

manhole cover image

Image via Yanko Design

City streets could be much more interesting and informative with these manhole covers - a concept dreamed up by Cheolyeon Jo & Youngsun Lee. The covers, called "eco signs," would harvest power from rainfall in order to tell you, just by tapping your foot on its right or left side, information such as where to find the closest subway station or bus stop.

manhole how it works image

It's an interesting idea. Though it seems most people are too busy hurrying down the street to stop and ask a manhole cover for directions. There could be other practical information to be displayed on these, such as street closure information for parades and festivals, or status updates about pollution levels.

But no matter what information is displayed, the question is would they actually be used. Manholes tend to be in the middle of the street - that's not an ideal place for people to hang out reading a scrolling display... We dig easy ways to use public transportation, but recommend checking on bus stops with your phone.

Via Yanko Design
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