Fuel Cell Car Kit from Thames & Kosmos


We've mentioned a few children's toys on TreeHugger, but mostly stuffed animals and products for the really little ones in your family. For children a bit older (say 12+, high school and even adults) here's a toy that they'll learn from. Thames & Kosmos, an educational toy company, sells a Fuel Cell Car & Experiment Kit, which provides an introduction to our future technology. In a nutshell, it's a toy car that runs on water, but here are some specifics. The kit addresses solar technology first, by using the solar panel included in the kit to power the car. Next, the solar panel is used in conjunction with the fuel cell to split a small amount of water, inside the fuel cell, into hydrogen and oxygen, which are then stored in separate tanks at the back of the car. This small amount of gas generated can power the motor for about 12-15 minutes, after which the entire process (splitting the water into H and O2) can be done over again. The Fuel Cell Car was launched in 2001 and won a silver award from the "Parents' Choice Foundation" in 2002. To date, it's still the company's top-selling product each year. The kit is $149.95 and includes 30 experiments. Thames & Kosmos is also a supporter of Janet's Walk, an organization founded by Janet Dreifus who spends her time touring the United States picking up trash and spreading the word about sustainable living. ::Thames & Kosmos