From the Just What We Needed Dept: A Credit Card Holder with Button-Activated Card Selection

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In case you were in need of a piece of useless junk, we bring your attention to the Credit Card Holder. It holds six cards, which can be ejected from the holder by pushing the button associated with that type of card. So rather than having, say, an organized wallet, you can carry around a chunk of metal and obtain curious looks from store clerks every time you try to pay for something. Gizmag writes, "If you're the kind of person whose wallet or purse is overflowing with credit cards, and locating the lone card that hasn't yet been maxed out is proving more and more difficult, the Credit Card Holder could be just what you need. Unfortunately, it won't help you pay off said card, but it will make it easier to find the card you want, when you need it."

Hmmm...seems like there's a bigger problem here than needing a quick way to grab a card.

This is a really ridiculous item of Sky Mall integrity. What's more, it's priced at $53. Seriously? Someone using their credit card to buy this thing might be in need of some financial therapy. For the rest of us, we're down for less is more when it comes to both credit cards and what you keep them in. We call Un-TreeHugger on this one.

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