From Pure Water to Better Building Materials, Cleantech Open Awards Newest Wave of Green Thinkers

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The Cleantech Open, one of the most prestigious events for start-ups in the industry, has announced the winners of this year's competition. The winners earn the sort of recognition from venture capitalists that most start-ups only dream of. The winners this year highlight some of the best ideas of the year, and we are likely to see them in the marketplace in the near future. Check out who they are -- from algae-based water treatment to super-light building materials. The National Prize winner is Puralytics, which uses light (from LEDs or natural sunlight) to create processes that totally remove contaminants from the environment without any wastewater or chemicals.

Mark Owen, CEO of Puralytics, said, "Water quality is a growing problem in our world today, and removing organic contaminants is the greatest unmet need. We are excited that the Cleantech Open committee recognizes, with us, this important business, environmental, and societal problem. This award is great validation to our team and our investors, and will help us move forward to the next level in our business. Through the Cleantech Open we've already met customers, channel partners, investors, and advisors, and this National Award has put these new networks in overdrive."

Runners-up for the National Grand Prize included OnChip Power of Boston for its high-efficiency, miniaturized power-supply technology, and EarthClean of Minneapolis for its non-toxic and readily biodegradeable fire suppressant.

Here is OnChip Power:

And here is EarthClean:

There is also a 2010 National Sustainability Award that went to BioVantage Resources for its algae-based wastewater treatment technology; and a 2010 Global Cleantech Open Ideas Award which went to Abeo of Denmark for its patented Super-Light Structure technology that aims to reduce the energy and materials needed in building construction.

Congratulations to the winners -- we're sure this won't be the last time we hear of you.

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