French Press-Style Filtering Water Bottle Goes from Concept to Product

321 water bottle image

Image via New Inventors

If you think waaaay back to January, you may remember a concept device that was a French press-style water filter bottle. If you liked the idea, you'll be happy to know that it now actually exists. The 321 Water Bottle is available for pre-order. Caught on Red Ferret, the 321 Water bottle recently won a People's Choice Award on The New Inventors, an Australia TV show that helps new products get attention and funding needed for launching.

According to the designer, it is one of the first BPA-free bottles to be manufactured in Australia, and helps to reduce the 80,000 tons of landfill created by disposable water bottles in Australia each year. That's a lot of water bottles being tossed!

The 321 water bottles are available for AU $32.10. And boy do they need pre-orders. The website states, "We need this commitment from 10,000 people to start the production process now and deliver your 321 Water bottle by the end of March 2010. " But unfortunately, they aren't yet taking international orders - we'll have to wait awhile longer over here in the states.

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