Free "Pocket Penguins" App Offers Live Views of Endangered Penguins 24/7

penguin at cal academy photo

Photo by Jaymi Heimbuch

If you love penguins, this app is perfect for you. California Academy of Sciences has a highly popular African penguin exhibit, and now they've added cameras to it so that even if you can't visit CAS, you can watch the penguins all day, any day, even from an underwater vantage point which I'm sure is amazing during feeding time.

pocket penguin app image

screenshots via iTunes

You can move between three different cameras, two from above water, and one from underwater. The views allow you to watch the penguins any time you like, and as CAS states, you can "watch for natural behaviors including courting, establishing and defending territories, and collecting nest material."

And, the next time a couple begins incubating eggs, a nest cam will be deployed.

The penguins are part of Aquarium Association's Species Survival Program for African Penguins, as the species is endangered and struggling to survive in the wild due to overfishing of their primary foods, guano removal (which is important to their nesting) and oil spills.

pocket penguin app image

The app is free on iTunes and Android. I have it downloaded and plan to watch during the feeding times at 10:30 am and 3:00 pm PST.

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