FREE LCA Online Course Offered by Harvard School of Public Health


If you’ve been intrigued by our life cycle assessment (LCA) posts there is a free online course that is easy to follow and at your fingertips in our beloved cyber-land. The Harvard/EPFL LCA distance learning course is made up of multi-media educational materials to help develop a practical and hands-on understanding of LCA. They say that after completing this course you should have a strong grasp of:
• How LCA is done? What are the steps, methods, and sources of data?
• What are the critical assumptions and other aspects of an LCA that shape studies at the outset, and influence the conclusions?
• How are the voluminous results of LCAs distilled for use by decision-makers?
• How does LCA software work?
• How has the information provided by LCA been used in real-world cases involving business and policy decisions? How has this information been combined, with what other inputs, to influence the decisions?

This website compiled by Ecole Polytechnique de Lausanne , and the Harvard School of Public Health is a great introduction to LCA, easy to understand and fun to watch, even though the video lectures do not look professionally made. Did we mention that the presentations and reading material are completely free! Despite the fact that the course was posted pre-ISO changes , it is still a useful resource, especially for concerned green consumers that are looking to understand the product LCA results that companies are providing more and more.