Fragile Earth App Shows Dramatic Before & After Photos of Human Influence on the Planet

If a photo is worth a thousand words, then before and after photos are beyond words. Our impact on planet earth is no secret. We've changed it in ways that make it unrecognizable in many ways. A new app for iPhones and iPads called Fragile Earth shows the dramatic before and after images of those very changes.

Divided into six sections -- including Natural Phenomena, Warming World, Water’s Power, Deserts and Drought, Man’s Impact and Wild Weather -- users can navigate the images and see how rivers have dried up, forests have turned into urban jungles, and habitat has been cleared for farming. Users can also overlay the images, making the contrasts stand out even more.

The app description states, "The app contains some of the best environmental images showing before and after scenes of our natural world. This is one of the top photography apps for showing the changing world giving you detailed ecological snapshots from around the globe. See years pass under your fingertips with our innovative swipe action. Explore how Dubai has grown from a small city to a thriving metropolis over the last 10 years, or how the notorious Warming Island got its name since 1985."

Here is a video of the app, showing its features:

“We set out to create an app that would convey the innate and delicate beauty of the world’s landscape, while highlighting the dramatic shifts that are taking place across the globe,” said Jethro Lennox, Head of Publishing for Collins Geo, a division of HarperCollins UK in a quote on Mashable. “Not only is the Fragile Earth photography stunning, but we’ve also included more than 50 satellite images which provide detailed ecological snapshots from around the globe. This information is invaluable to anyone concerned for the state of the Earth, or those who are merely curious about our environment.”

As Mashable notes, "Images in the app can be viewed by location, category, or date. If you stumble across a particularly interesting photo, you can share it with friends on Facebook or Twitter from directly within the app."

In honor of Earth Day, Fragile Earth is available now through midnight of April 28th for the discounted price of $.99.

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