Four Major Companies Join Smart Grid Demand Organization


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The Demand Response and Advanced Metering Coalition (DRAM), a group that works to educate and influence policymakers and the mainstream about smart grid technology, is changing its name to the Demand Response and Smart Grid Coalition (DRSG). But that’s not the interesting news. The interesting part is that it has accepted a few big names into the fold.

Google, CPower, CSG and CSE have all joined the coalition, helping to add their industry influence to the work being done by the group. The four different companies add four different advocacy strengths to the coalition.

Google, as we all know, is a mega player in renewable energy and internet technology, and so adding its backing to smart grid developments certainly won’t hurt our conversion to better technologies.

CPower focuses on energy management technology, and also advocates for energy users to improve power grid structure.

CSG provides energy-saver products and services, and works to reduce the environmental impact of energy generation.

And CSE’s focus is on utility energy management. The company is one of the biggest load control device manufacturers in the US, and so can play a big role in working with utilities on smart grid conversion.

With the addition of these fighting four, DRSG and smart grid technology as a whole stands a much bigger chance for rapid advancement. And that is great news for all of us who want and need better energy management and smaller utility bills.

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