For Star Wars Fans, Recycled Computer Parts Turned Into AT-AT Imperial Walker

recycled at-at photo

Images via TGNSmith on Etsy

Creative craftster Sage Werbock has come up with a clever idea for recycling old computer parts and providing Star Wars fans something to lust over. It's an 18-inch tall, 15 lb At-At made from floppy drive housing, power supply boxes, power cords and other scrap metal.

recycled at-at photo

Gadjitz states, "We instantly love anything that combines welding, recycling and geeky Star Wars references all in one shiny package." We have to agree that all those qualities are pretty irresistible in a work of art.

According to the creator, "The Imperial Walker, also known as the AT-AT is an iconic figure from the original Star Wars trilogy movies. It is a static sculpture, meaning there are no moveable parts although the piece appears to be in mid-stride...The whole sculpture was randomly "attacked" with the welding arc to simulate battle scars."

The sculpture is available on Etsy for $450.00, which might seem pricy but considering the care that was put into creating it, and that it is a one-of-a-kind upcycled object, it's well worth it. We're curious to see who ends up taking it home.

recycled at-at photo

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