Food and Water Production Will Be Next for Green Tech Innovations

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Forget clean energy for a moment. If climate change alters the earth's ecosystems and rainfall levels to the point that we can't rely on usual methods or locations for water and food supplies, then that means food and water production will need to be the focus of clean tech. Nicholas Parker of the Cleantech Group argues this point in a presentation given yesterday at the Entrepreneurial Energy Expo at Babson College.

"We are going to have to face the fact that climate change is one of several monumental environmental problems our generation will face," Parker said during a keynote talk..."If we are going to have to adapt to a temperature increase of two percent Celsius increase or more, then we are going to have to reimagine how we produce food and water," he said.

Indeed we spend a lot of time on TreeHugger discussing the degradation of agricultural land, water purification and desalination, and the impact of climate change on our food and water supplies. And we also have seen the rising interest large companies are taking about water issues.

And while we fully support the move back to localized sustainable agriculture where simplicity and reliance on natural systems, there is no doubt that green tech will eventually extend to systems like vertical farming and efficient water purification. Start-ups are already gaining significant funding despite the financial crunch. That's because even organic won't save us as the global temperature rises.

So while right now we hear "clean tech" and think of data centers and energy efficiency, the words will soon spark thoughts of breakfast, lunch and dinner.

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