Floppy Disks Upcycled Into USB Drives

floppy USB hack photo

Image via Gizmodo

Figuring out what to do with obsolete tech can be either tedious, or a lot of fun. Floppy disks are a perfect example of where creativity can be let loose -- makers have turned them into everything from notepads to laptop stands. But what about simply upgrading the old technology into something still useful? Gizmodo points us to a clever hack for geeks with a love of retro. The project uses two floppies, taken apart and melded to one another. It reminds us of a slightly more slick version of the hack by Thomas O'Connor.

Some of the commenters on Gizmodo are less than impressed with the hack, though we give props to getting creative with junk rather than tossing out. Though, I'm hard pressed to think of anyone I know who still has any floppies laying around.

Still it could be a fun project to combine some old USB drives and old floppies into one useful item, as Cnet points out in the video below.

floppy disk usb image

The hack doesn't provide much in the way of instructions, so check out this short video from Cnet:

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