Fleet Hero Awards


Cars and trucks are the cause of 25% of all CO2 emissions. The Energy Saving Trust works to cut the amount of CO2 produced by transport vehicles by promoting efficient and sustainable approaches to travel and transport. Their annual awards recognise pioneering achievements in green fleet management. And the winners Bolton Alternative Fuels Co-op which makes biodiesel fuel out of vegetable and cooking oils collected from restaurants and pizza parlours. Not the only ones to have done this, they collect it in a big yellow "taxi" and have saved their members nearly £5,000 in fuel costs over the past year, as well as reducing carbon emissions by recycling almost five tons of waste vegetable oil. The fuel also powers a community van that sells fruit and vegetables.

The grand winner, Gateshead Council, have run ten percent of their vehicles on a 20% mix of fuel made from recycled cooking and rapeseed oil with 80% ultra low sulphur diesel. The usual standard has been 5% to 95% biofuel mix. Their main concern with the new mix had been that engines would seize up in the cold but this has not happened. They now want to extend the 20% mix to their entire fleet. They have also reduced C02 emissions by 300 tons this year and cut mileage by 300,000 miles by decentralising their fleet. Already known to treehuggers, the green taxi company, greentomatocars (pictured), won a prize. Their fleet of Toyota Priuses is up to 34 and there are plans afoot to convert the Prius battery to allow the cars to be 100% non-gas powered in town. The G-Wiz car won for innovation, with 600 cars on the road now. The UK Assistance Accident Repair Centres won because "our chaps don't do idle". Drivers have been taught improved driving skills such as reduced speed limits and reduced engine idle. They have changed their operations as well as modernising their trucks so that 75% now fall within the 7.5 ton category. :: The Observer