The Fixer's Manifesto Celebrates Creativity and Independence

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"Fixing is the unsung hero of creativity," say the folks at Sugru. When you think about it, it couldn't be more true. We undervalue how much creativity it takes to repair or improve upon something, especially when parts are not readily available and you're making due with a self-curing putty-like substance like Sugru. One has to think outside of the box -- the box that tells us just to toss the old and broke, and replace it with something new -- if they want to partake in the act of fixing. This fact is one reason why Sugru has come up with the Fixer's Manifesto, their twist on the popular Repair Manifesto or the Self-Repair Manifesto. It goes like this:

As is the case with pretty much anything in the repair community, this manifesto is open to tweaks, additions and alterations by the community. In other words, if you want to fix this manifesto, you're welcome to do so.

The Fixer's Manifesto Celebrates Creativity and Independence
A new manifesto created by Sugru for the fixer community highlights the important aspects of DIY repair.

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