Fishing Ban Enacted for Bluefin Tuna in Eastern Atlantic & Mediterranean

Tuna for sale in Japanese market

photo by Mithril

A few months ago we wrote about how scientists were urging a ban on tuna fishing in the eastern Atlantic. For once politicians have whole heartedly listened to the scientists and acted.

Reuters is reporting that EU fisheries regulators have enacted a ban on trawling for bluefin tuna, to begin next week, in the eastern Atlantic and Mediterranean to prevent collapse of the species in these waters.Last year the combined national fleets of Cyprus, France, Greece, Italy, Malta, Portugal and Spain exceeded their international catch quota for bluefin by 25 percent—driven in part by the lucrative Japanese market, where a single 600kg fish can fetch $100,000.

The ban will apply to all vessels that use "purse seine" nets. It is not clear how long the ban will remain in effect, but a spokesman for WWF said the ban should be indefinite—at least during the month June which is a key spawning month for the fish.

via :: Reuters
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