"Fish Chopper" Animation Shows the Gruesome, Deadly Side of Power Plant Cooling Towers (Video)

fish chopper image

Image via YouTube video

The Sierra Club is pointing attention to the once-through cooling systems used by many power plants. Power plants suck up over 200 billion gallons of water a day, and with that water comes millions of fish that don't exactly make it out alive. The conservation group has put together an animation showing how the systems work, and why they need to be upgraded.

As the Sierra Club points out, there are already closed-cycle cooling systems that can replace the once-through systems and not only conserve a huge amount of water, but also save countless fish and other aquatic species, not to mention the animals that depend on the fish as a food source.

The Sierra Club notes, "The EPA recently proposed long-overdue guidelines for cooling water use at power plants. Under intense pressure from powerful industry interests, the EPA opted not to require meaningful technology requirements that would protect ecosystems. Instead, the EPA's proposal offers little-to-no improvement in the technologies required to protect fish and wildlife leaving decisions to already overburdened state agencies."

But if you want to put some pressure on politicians, the group has a letter you can add your name to.

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