First Retrofit Carbon Capture & Storage Project to Begin Operations

lacq carbon capture storage image

image: Total

There aren't too many functioning carbon capture and storage projects up and running, so any new one is worth announcing. And this one is the world's first retrofit of one to a power plant. Total has upgraded an existing gas-fired boiler at its power plant at Lacq, France:The €60 million project will transport some 60,000 tonnes of CO2 every year and store it, at a depth of 4500 meters, in the nearby depleted gas field at Rousse (once Europe's largest), the Guardian reports. The CO2 will transported by reusing an existing pipeline that had been transporting natural gas from the Rousse field.

The project will run for two years, to determine if the CO2 stored in the Rousse field can be safely stored inside.

via: The Guardian
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