First Permitted Wind Turbine Installed in Marin County Sidelines NIMBY Grumbling

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Image via video screengrab

Mark Pasternak of Devil's Gulch Ranch erected the first permitted, electricity generating wind turbine in Marin County, but not without a little glaring from some of the neighbors. Check out a video of the story behind installing a single wind turbine on a Ranch in California.
QUEST on KQED Public Media.

What's a little surprising is the idea that a single windmill on a ranch can still be met with disdain from neighbors. Isn't it such a classic look? Granted, this particular turbine doesn't hearken up quite the rustic image neighbors might find endearing if it were made of wood. But windmills have been part of ranches for so long that the NIMBY mentality deserves a bit of an eye roll.

True, turbine placement can go terribly wrong. While the top of a hill might be an ideal location in terms of harnessing wind, the wrong turbine on the wrong hill can ruin the renewable energy party, and the view for neighbors.

But in this case, a single turbine on a hill - and proportinately sized - looks pretty good now that it's installed. Luckily, some neighbors were supportive, and renewable energy has made its way onto at least this particular ranch in Marin County.

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