Find Biodiesel With Your Cell Phone


Working from the idea that more people will fill up with biodiesel if they knew where they could get it, NearBio offers a free service delivering a database of more than 1,000 biodiesel sellers (as of today, they've got 1039 locations across the country) to mobile phones via WAP (wireless access protocol) or text messaging. Something of a technology-driven upgrade from The Biodiesel Hotline, NearBio takes your city and state, or zip code, or GPS coordinates and gives you distance, directions, address, phone number, blends and other facility details for the five closest stations. If your phone has internet access, the information is always available from; if it has email capability, you can send an email to sms(at)nearbio(dot)com; if you prefer text messaging, follow the instructions for your service provider. For driving directions, you just reply to the text of the location where you want to go. ::NearBio via ::Wired