Finally a New Take on Bamboo-ified Gadgets! Customizeable Wood iPhone Cases With Brilliant Packaging

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We're big advocates of keeping your gadgets safe and healthy so that they last as long as possible. But accessories for gadgets are so often just environmental burdens - after all, how great is it to cover your gadget in some kind of plastic that can't be recycled, or a rare hard wood from a rainforest? That's why we love hearing about beautiful, unique accessories that come from sustainable sources, like these bamboo iPhone cases. We know...we can practically hear you groaning, "More bamboo..??" But these cases have a unique spin to them that set them way apart from the buckets of bamboo products out on the market. Grove, a small group of designers, programmers and makers out of Oregon, is offering some of the most beautiful and eco-friendly iPhone cases we've seen yet.

Each case is made with 100% solid bamboo, offered in three different colors with hand-rubbed natural finishes. Currently, Grove sources 50% of its bamboo from FSC sources, but hopes to bump that up to 100% soon. The cases are crafted part by hand and part by machine, and everything is manufactured in Portland, Oregon.

The laser-etched designs are stunning, and you can choose from the artist series, or customize your own.

And the packaging is extra special. It is a beautiful box made from scrap pieces during manufacturing, minimizing waste on the business side and giving you an extra little present - inside the packaging is an artist print that can be inserted into the box, turning it into a picture frame! Now that is smart packaging design.

The prices reflect the thought and work put into them, ranging from $80 to $100 depending on what you get. But they're well worth it. The cases turn your iPhone into art while protecting it from daily bumps and scratches, and don't forget that second piece of art you get to hang on the wall!

Via The Gadgeteer
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