Fight the (Phantom) Power: Belkin's New Conserve Surge Protector at CES


Add this new gadget to the list of methods for fighting phantom power: spied by DVICE at CES, Belkin's Conserve Surge Protector can shut down six of its eight spaced outlets with the flip of the handy remote's on-off switch. Sure, you can still crawl behind your desk or entertainment center and manually unplug stuff, but if your current surge protector is buried in a rat's nest of tangled wires, this guy would make it way easier.

In true live-blogging form, Stewart Wolpin from DVICE says, "Belkin's demonstrator, a friend of mine so I trust she wasn't fibbing, told me her utility bill dropped from $50 to $35 in the first month that she used it, and some eavesdropper standing next to me confirmed that most folks would realize a 20 percent savings if they completely shut off their gear rather than leaving them on standby." This number -- 20 percent -- is on the high end of what we've heard phantom power quoted at (it's a bit different for everybody) but, at that rate, it'd pay for itself in a couple months. We'll have to wait until May, when it hits the shelves, to see if it'd be worth its $50 price tag. via ::DVICE

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