Feel Guilty Every Time You Press "Print"? So Does Everyone Else.

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Last week Lexmark let loose a report looking at the state of printing, which included a survey of over 10,000 people in 21 countries. The results? Most people feel guilty about wasteful printing habits, but women have a guiltier conscience than men. And most people have no idea about exactly where their biggest impact falls...they just know they're doing wrong somehow. The survey, conducted by Ipsos, asked 10,507 people age 15 and over who use a computer at home about their printing habits . The countries included Austria, Canada, Denmark, USA, France, Australia, Germany, Brazil, Italy, China, Netherlands, Mexico, Norway, Russia, Poland, South Africa, Romania, Turkey, Spain, United Arab Emirates (UAE), and the U.K. The results show that there's quite a bit of education that still needs to happen about environmental concerns of printing. Yet some of the results are very promising:

Top five things global consumers said:

91 percent would rather fix a technology device under warranty than dispose of it

85 percent would often choose the most environmentally conscious printing option if given a "one-click" or "one-push" solution (which everyone already has but apparently don't know it or want to go to the effort of accessing it...)

84 percent are more likely to buy a product if the manufacturer shows more responsibility and concern regarding recycling

75 percent feel guilty about printing unnecessary pages

64 percent INCORRECTLY think that the disposal of ink cartridges is the largest cause of pollution from printing (Lexmark says that comes down to paper waste)

The fact that the vast majority of people would rather fix a device than toss it, and that most are willing to do the more eco-friendly thing in both printing and purchasing when given easy options is something to be very optimistic about. Thankfully, there are easy options when people care to look for them, such as free or cheap downloads that format your pages for you.

However, the gender disparities are interesting to note. According to Lexmark, women are more likely to care more about the environment than men - a topic that's popped up on TreeHugger before. For example, 71% feel guilty about tossing a printer rather than fixing it compared to 63% of men, and 79% feel guilty about printing unnecessary pages compared to 71% of men. What this means, we're not sure. But it could impact what audience Lexmark targets when updating their eco-education programs.

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