Febot, the Wind Powered Battery Charger

febot battery charger image

Image via Yanko Design

We wish that alkaline batteries were on the way out the door. But reality is that disposable batteries be around for quite awhile longer. Thankfully, though, we have rechargeable options, and clever thinkers are figuring out how to use renewable energy to recharge them. So they’re at least a little bit less burdensome on the environment. Designers Ji-yun Kim, Soon-young Yang and Hwan-ju Jeon figured out the Febot, a wind-powered battery charger. The Febot can be quickly assembled when you need it – just put it together, pop in a batter, and stick it to a surface like a window where the wind whips by. It's kind of like a HyMini but for batteries.

febot battery charger action image

Image via Yanko Design

While it is only a concept so far, it has potential. Design issues would need to be worked out, such as being able to recharge more than one battery at a time, and appropriate fasteners for easy set-up in different wind conditions.

It’s a great idea for charging batteries while on the go and off grid, as well as using clean energy to get the juice for your gadgets. Maybe we’ll even see it come to market soon.

Via Yanko Design
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