Fast Company's iPad App Explores Best-Designed American Products

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Photo: Screenshot of U.S. Design iPad app by Fast Company.

If you seek out products that are "Made in America," seek out this app. It's called the "United States of Design" and was created by the Fast Company magazine folks. I may have come across it while looking for information on Toby Keith's "Made in America" song rant. Maybe not. The whole "Made in America" trend, you might call say, stems from people wanting to be patriotic, wanting to support their country, or not wanting to support the exploitation of foreign workers, and the long carbon trail that it takes to bring a product from China to the U.S. Or both.

Of course, there's a place for imported products, and Americans can't make "everything." What can Americans do?
Ask the app.

"Buying well-designed American-made goods is a conscious act, akin to buying food at a farmers' market. Is it sometimes more expensive? Yes, but there's value in not only knowing the origin of what you purchase but also in creating a connection with the maker of your goods," according to an intro for the app on Apple's iTunes page.

The little program features 76 of the "best" products designed and made domestically, including surfboards and coffee filters, handbags made from recycled clothes and more.

The focus is on creative businesses that still make beautiful things.

You can read back stories on the making of each product, listen to audio, watch video and buy red, white and blue products. At a discount, no less. With a subscription to Fast Company included with each purchase.

The app is free.

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