Family Tweets Their Power Consumption for Earth Day (Video)

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Peter Troast, like most everyone savvy about energy efficiency, believes that knowing a home's energy use is key to reducing it. So today, he and his family are putting their energy use online via Twitter, turning Earth Day into an efficiency experiment. Similar to the Tweet-a-Watt only cooler [because of its expanded and in-dept use], Troast will set up his home energy monitoring system to transmit his entire household's electricity use for online viewers to see, while Tweeting updates. You might be wondering they decided to make the family's energy use so public. All for the greater good of Earth Day of course!

"Amidst massive greenwashing and general noise of the highest profile Earth Day in years, we've committed ourselves to one simple act: exposing our home's electricity use publicly," said Troast, founder and CEO of Energy Circle, a website offering home energy efficiency information and products. "We're doing this because we believe measurement of home electrical use is the first step toward energy savings, and that we, as a family, will be motivated by making the data public."

You can follow along at @EnergyCircleKW or check out

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It just might inspire you to tune into your energy use and turn off a switch or two.

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