Fake Lawns Are Getting More Eco-Friendly

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Lawns are a waste of water and space for the most part. And when living in drought stricken places like California, lawns seem even more wasteful. However, they’re attractive, a soft surface to play on, and keep dust down.

To try and provide the good parts of a lawn without the bad, ForeverLawn has created a very realistic fake grass. Not just one, but twelve versions that are specific to various user needs.

At first glance at ForeverLawn's booth at West Coast Green, I have to admit I rolled my eyes. Visions of Astroturf, neon green hard surfaces, wasted petroleum and carbon emissions flashed before me. But I had to ask about it and I’m glad I did. ForeverLawn is actually very realistic looking, and feels very soft. It has an antimicrobial webbing on the back to keep germs at bay. Okay, all this is great, but what makes all this plastic eco-friendly?

Turns out that the grass blades are made from recycled plastics used for water bottles and the like, the padding between the blades and webbing is soy-based, and the webbing itself if 100% post-industrial recycled plastics. In total, about 75% of the product is comprised of recycled materials, and at the end of its very long life, it is 100% recyclable.

The grasses require very little maintenance, and can be used for anything from dog runs to playgrounds.

Fake lawns have typically been green only in color, but it looks like it’s getting a whole lot better of an option.

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