Facebook App Saves PC Energy...Maybe

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Are you on Facebook and up for a little friendly competition? A Facebook App from Support.com just might help people save energy through PC settings and sharing information with their friends. It's part of a 30-day "Green Your PC" challenge. Using recommendations from Energy Star and Carbonfund.org, the Green Your PC application (which requires a software download) tracks your computer's energy use. It then calculates your daily savings by trees, CO2 and barrels of oil.

You also get credit for inviting more friends to use it, since spreading the good green word is a part of environmental activism too.

When you download the software, it automatically configures your computer for energy savings. However, when I downloaded it, it actually set my computer to be less efficient than I had it, moving it from going to sleep after 5 minutes to going to sleep after 15 minutes. It also calculated that my greenness factor and told me "Good start but you still probably drive a Suburban."

While it might not feel like a fit for people who already keep a close eye on their computer energy consumption, it might work for many other people who don't know that their computer settings can make an impact on energy savings over time. So it could be a fun competition for Facebook friends trying to green up.

Thumbs up for using social networking to get more people to go green, but thumbs down for setting the computer just average power settings and not allowing the user to determine their own settings.

(And for the record, I don't own a vehicle, so there, Green Your PC).

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