Evolving Vox: A Temporary Ownership Network


We love Product Service Systems, where you get what you need without having to buy it. (Read Collin here for a reminder) Dartmouth's Evolving Vox is "a new model for how college students furnish their rooms. By enabling students to "temporarily own" nearly everything they need, we envision students being able to go through college without ever having to make a large purchase for their room." It differs from straight rental companies in that it is "run by Dartmouth students, for Dartmouth students". Its founders, seniors Jack Groetzinger and Russell D'Souza, are "interested in the model of temporary ownership and the applications in which it can make marketplaces more efficient". We hope that as they grow they will get interested in design and sustainability- that would make a real difference. Who knows how far this can go- Michael Dell started in a dorm room too. ::Evolving Vox via ::Springwise