EVO — The Green Consumer's Loyalty Card


The EVO stand at the Green Festival a few weeks ago was a hubbub of activity. With their brightly coloured Pop Art graphics standing out from a cosy wooden cubicle they were quite the attraction; everyone was intrigued to find out what they were about. It must have been a good start for EVO since attracting people to join their membership and loyalty card program is what they're aiming for. The EVO program wants to connect businesses and consumers in a far reaching network, across the US and eventually worldwide, which supports and promotes environmentally and ethically sound goods and services. By becoming a member you will, they say, "get exclusive benefits and discounts from the most inspiring companies on the planet." EVO's mission in this huge marketing scheme is to, "generate profits for conscious companies and expand the green market." While you might baulk at this post encouraging consumerism on Buy Nothing Day I can tell you that EVO doesn't launch until Spring 2007, all they're asking for right now are suggestions of your favourite local eco-friendly businesses that you would like to see in the EVO directory. So instead of buying something today maybe you can suggest where you'd like to see more people shopping in the future.
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