EU Officials to Data Centers: Get Greener!

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The European Commission has released a set of green goals for IT managers. The goals are intended to help data centers put in place the best practices possible for energy efficiency as they expand and upgrade. Simple idea, but vitally important.

The goals are outlined in the "Code of Conduct on Data Centres Energy Efficiency," as put forward by the Institute for Energy. There is nothing like putting guidelines right in front of someone to give them a clear vision on where they need to go. And there is nothing quite like making those guidelines seem like the only ethical way forward. From the Code of Conduct:

The aim is to inform and stimulate data centre operators and owners to reduce energy consumption in a cost-effective manner without hampering the mission critical function of data centres. The Code of Conduct aims to achieve this by improving understanding of energy demand within the data centre, raising awareness, and recommending energy efficient best practice and targets.

And indeed it does put forward some great best practices recommendations that volunteers who decide to sign up to follow the code (ie, anyone who wants to look like they're trying to be green) must follow. They include guidelines for government agencies, vendors, manufactures, consultants, utilities and industry standards bodies. And none of the guidelines are outrageous — just basically do everything you can because it's the right thing to do for the world, and because we can.

The code expects participants to follow best practices, encourage everyone else to follow best practices, and log any reasons for non-compliance. Pretty darn reasonable. And while a bit on the dry side, it certainly is a good move to ensure that data centers get with the program or else risk losing face.

Via Greener Computing
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