Ethical E-Media Company Make Hay Are Making Some Noise

Make Hay.jpg

As you know TreeHugger just loves beautifully stylish green products and services, however, we don’t often give credit to the guys behind the scenes, the folk who bring those shiney images to our computer screens, the communication gurus – web designers. Good web design is an essential part of selling a product or service and there’s been many a time when a beautiful object has been lost on an unattractive cluttered web page. While making things look good is important, TreeHugger likes to go just a little deeper than that and look for those who are acting good too. Make Hay is an ethical e-media company who are going for the double whammy, they’ve chosen to focus on making good businesses look even better. ‘We are a web design and I.T. software training team who are committed to supporting businesses and organisations who want to make a positive difference.’ We know they are currently building the Ethical Weddings website and while their own site looks great, strangely we can’t see any other examples of their work to date. They certainly talk a good talk, listing businesses and organisations who they support includes those that use Fair Trade, support Human Rights, Animal Welfare and the environment. They have an equally long list of businesses they won’t support, including the usual baddies of tobacco, fossil fuels, chemicals and the fur trade. It is important if you want to start up an ethical/environmental business that you work with people who understand your mission. So it is good to know that with Make Hay your website won’t have been made by the same people as the companies you might be protesting against. We also like Make Hay’s Make Noise, their sister webpage which aims to promote the causes that their websites serve. We like their effort to go a few steps further and create an info-sharing community. It’s an intelligent way of promoting their work, their clients’ businesses and raising awareness at the same time. Via: Katie from Ethical Weddings ::Make Hay