ETech 2009: Tim O'Reilly and Our Reality Bubble Burst (Video)

tim oreilly keynote speech photo

photos by Jaymi Heimbuch

In the midst of facing major problems like global warming, fossil fuel conundrums, and all the other ailments of the world, we're experiencing a dire economic malfunction. Tim O'Reilly argues that it isn't an investment bubble burst we're wading through, it's a reality bubble burst. And that, he notes, is a very good thing for technology and the environment. Click through to watch a clip of his keynote speech at Etech 2009.

While it is absolutely the case that some of the best innovations occur when there's very little time or materials to create solutions, it's also the case that unless people get up and do something, not a whole heck of a lot will happen. So something else O'Reilly said that I really liked and want to pass along is this: "Choose your own adventure. Find a place where you can make a difference and make it happen."

He urges us to think beyond money. Don't worry about whether or not you'll make bank saving the world with this dandy iPhone app, because if an action is worth doing, it's worth doing it for the sheer joy of knowing you're doing something awesome for the planet. He mentioned as examples such things as Better Place and Makani Power - big ideas tackling big problems.

Inspiring speech, and much more cool and inspiring green tech news and fun to come from ETech. Stay tuned!

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