EPEAT and Computer Resellers Boost Greener Computer Sales

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Computer resellers are going to have an easier time marketing their green gear thanks to the Green Electronics Council. The council, which created EPEAT, has formed a partnership with resellers in order to get energy efficient and eco-friendly computer equipment out to more consumers.

Read on to find out where you can get greener gear.Resellers can join up with the EPEAT Reseller Partner Program, and members get sales training, logos and collateral that associate them with EPEAT, helping to move products as EPEAT rankings become more important to consumers.

The rapid growth of EPEAT recognition is already apparent. Over 109 million EPEAT certified products were sold in 2007, and reports for 2008 are likely to show an even higher number since manufacturers like Dell, Apple, HP, Toshiba and others take meeting EPEAT qualifications as seriously as Energy Star requirements.

Buy.com, Zones, Softchoice, ASI and other large resellers are already part of the program, which will go a long way to make energy efficiency, green packaging, reduction of toxic materials used in production and other factors of vital concern to both manufacturers and consumers alike.

Via Greener Computing

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