Enviro-Bear 2010: Operation Hibernation for iPhone

enviro bear 2010.jpg

Graphic from enviro-bear.com

Just when I thought I knew every app available for Apple's iPhone, I stumble across Enviro-Bear 2010: Operation Hibernation. If you've been searching for a quasi-green video game for your multimedia smartphone well, search no more! You can now virtually help a caniformia prepare for beddie-bye. That's right! It's a game with a bear in a car. The goal is simple — you drive around a in car grabbing food with your finger while dodging badgers. The menu of edibles includes fish and berries. If you grab something you don't like, you can throw it out the window or sunroof of the automobile...and don't worry about littering, everything is biodegradable. When you've packed-on enough pounds for the winter, drive the car into a cave for your wintertime nap.

Video game by Justin Smith
View of Nature
The game also features "the eternal cycle of nature". Sound like lots of fun...?! It can be on your iPhone or iPod touch for the low, low price of $.99. Don't walk, RUN to download Enviro-Bear 2010: Operation Hibernation today! :P

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