Samsung and Sharp Lead Energy Efficiency Rankings for TVs

Enervee, a personal energy efficiency scoring platform, has just released a report called "How Do the Top TV Brands Rank on Energy Cost," which ranks all the major TV manufacturers on energy efficiency and the electricity costs of their models. Samsung and Sharp came out on top with a score of 80 out of 100, Panasonic was right behind with a score of 74 and LG rounded out the top tier with a score of 72.

When it comes to TV technology, LED TVs were obviously the best on energy efficiency and energy costs, but Plasma and LCD TVs were fairly close, with size being the bigger factor when it came to energy efficiency.

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Enervee concludes that initial purchase price shouldn't be the major deciding factor when comparing costs of TV models. "A comparison of a Samsung 46" LED TV and a Sceptre 46" LCD TV highlights the potential to save $365 on electricity costs over 5 years by picking the Samsung model. Even though the purchase price of the Samsung TV is more expensive than the Sceptre TV, the Samsung TV provides more than a hundred dollars in overall savings. It turns out that high quality components are a great investment."

There is also a Score My TV app that you can use to see where your TV model falls in the rankings by inputting the type, size and age. It has data for TVs back through the 1990s. Next up is an app that scores refrigerators and dishwashers. Enervee ultimately plans to score all household appliances, electronics and heating and cooling systems.

Samsung and Sharp Lead Energy Efficiency Rankings for TVs
Enervee has released a report scoring all major TV manufacturers on energy efficiency and electricity costs.

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