Energy Savvy Gives Homeowners Tools for Zapping Energy Waste

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EnergySavvy is the newest tool to hit the web for homeowners looking to minimize wasted energy. By creating a profile of your home and getting a score based on your current energy efficiency, you can find out the various ways to improve your home's energy efficiency, find contractors to help you make the improvements, and discover what rebates you qualify for in making your improvements. As the company states, it's the for home owners looking for some extra love in the home improvement department. Energy Savvy states that it provides one of the most simple yet accurate online home energy reports. While it can't be as accurate as having a home energy audit, it is definitely quicker.

Once you input the data about your house, you can start browsing through the thousands of government and utility rebates available to homeowners looking to make improvements all listed in one convenient directory, and you can also sort through pre-screened contractors specializing in home energy efficiency.

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Also, Energy Savvy boasts an Ask An Expert program so you can find out more details about issues specific to your home, as well as browse through a library of basic concepts about home energy efficiency.

"We are helping homeowners across the country put money in their pockets through home energy efficiency. Using a homeowner's energy profile, we connect them with energy rebates and pre-screened, knowledgeable home energy contractors," said Aaron Goldfeder, CEO of EnergySavvy.

"EnergySavvy is like for homeowners, energy rebates and home energy contractors. Making your home more energy efficient is one of the fastest payback upgrades you can do to your home. You pay less to the utility every month, your house is warmer and more comfortable, and with all the energy rebates and tax credits available right now, there's never been a smarter time to do it. The problem is that it's been complicated to figure it out. What projects are the best for my house? Who can help me? And how do I get the most money from the government to pay for this stuff?"

Ever since the "cash for caulkers" program was unveiled, making energy efficiency improvements got a whole lot more attractive to homeowners, but not a whole lot easier to navigate. Figuring out what rebates you qualify for can seem like a hassle. But companies are catching on quick to the opportunity to help harried homeowners. EcoRebates, for example, is a new resource helping people shopping for new appliances sort through the many rebates offered in their area so they can make smart purchasing decisions. And there are loads of tips on how to get the most out of what rebates are available. Energy Savvy is another great tool for your arsenal.

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