Energy management app turns off the heat when you leave the house

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A German start-up company has launched an app that lets you turn off your heater just by walking out the door. Tado, the name of the company and the app, is actually part of an energy management system that connects either to your thermostat or directly to your heating unit and uses your home's wireless network to communicate with the smartphone app.

The app uses GPS and geolocation to detect where you are so that when you're away (or specifically your phone is away) from your house, the app communicates with the system to shut the heat off. The system also allows you to turn your heat on or off and change the temperature remotely as well as check your energy usage and money saved.

When you are getting close to home, the system turns the heat back on. While the concept is similar to the Nest Learning Thermostat which turns heating or cooling off when you're away, the company says there are some major distinctions between the technologies.

“Nest is called the learning thermostat and needs to be trained by the user over a period of at least one week. Tado in contrast starts to work immediately since it works on real time signals,” says the company. “Our control algorithms acutally start to make the whole space really smart. The focus is to use real time signals which come from the smartphone app or Internet weather data to adjust room temperatures.”

Tado says that the app can save users 27 percent on heating costs.

The company just secured a new round of funding and plans to launch its service throughout Europe this October, though anyone can download the app for free now and users can see the savings they could achieve with the system. In Europe, The Tado Connector Kit can be bought with lifetime service for €299 or to rent for €8.25 on a monthly contract.

Energy management app turns off the heat when you leave the house
The app uses GPS to track your movements and once you're away from home, it cuts off the heat to save energy.

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