Energy Harvesting in Your Home, Wireless Power for Medical Implants, Colorful Energy Pricing and More From EarthTechling

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1. Energy Harvesting Tech Comes To The Home
"The next big thing in green tech homes could be energy harvesting. We’re not talking about solar electric systems or using motorized window shades to help heat or cool a room or harvest light to defray lighting costs. In this case, energy harvesting means self-powered devices like light switches, sensors and other devices that can actuate energy-efficient processes in a home or business."

2. Greywater Recycling For The Kitchen Sink
"The invention, by Alexis Lizares, is still in the concept stage, but probably not for long as large appliance makers like Maytag, Amana and Whirlpool realize the potential of water recyclers to not only boost sales but save the environment."

3. Can A Video Game Plant 1 Million Real Trees?
"A new video game for mobile devices claims it can take a bite out of climate change by harnessing the power of “playsourcing.” Tilt World asks players to help Flip (a determined tadpole) save Shady Glen, which is in dire need of reforestation."

4. Real-Time Energy Pricing Comes Color-Coded
"Powered by Zigbee, a bundle of high-level wireless communication protocols (think of it as a global wireless device translator), the Energy Joule is able to display up-to-the-minute energy prices thanks to its communication with the smart meter, thus making it possible for consumers to make wiser energy choices, again in real time–something the antiquated electricity bill could never do."

5. Wireless Power For Life-Saving Medical Implants
"Researchers at the Fraunhofer Institute for Ceramic Technologies and Systems IKTS in Hermsdorf have developed and patented a new power transfer system that could circumvent the limitations of previous battery-powered implants. The system consists of a portable transmitter module that transfers power wireless to a mobile generator module or receiver."

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